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[patch, fortran, committed] Fix error caused by running front-end optimizatins after error 0 replies gcc - fortran
Re: [Patch, fortran] PR84931 - Expansion of array constructor with constant implied-do-object goes sideways 0 replies gcc - fortran
Re: [patch fortran] PR 84924 - Erroneous error in C_F_POINTER 0 replies gcc - patches
[patch, fortran] Simplify constants which come from parameter arrays 7 replies gcc - fortran
[patch, fortran] Fix type conversion in large array constructors with iterators 1 reply gcc - patches
Re: Odd bug from Stack Overflow 1 reply gcc - fortran
Re: [PATCH] PR fortran/65453 -- procedure statement vs subprogram name clash 0 replies gcc - fortran