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Re: Expected precision of Fortran FE constant evaluation 6 replies gcc - fortran
Re: [PATCH] Do not dereference NULL pointer in resolve_ref (PR fortran/89185). 0 replies gcc - patches
Re: [patch, fortran] Fix PR 57048 0 replies gcc - patches
Re: [patch, fortran] Fix PR 57048 0 replies gcc - fortran
[patch, fortran] Fix PR 57048 3 replies gcc - patches
Re: [RFC] -Weverything 3 replies gcc - fortran
Re: [RFC] -Weverything 5 replies gcc - Dev
Re: [RFC] -Weverything 2 replies gcc - fortran
Re: Duplication in Wiki pages 6 replies gcc - fortran
Duplication in Wiki pages 10 replies gcc - fortran
Name of -Wdo-subscript option 4 replies gcc - fortran
Re: [patch, doc, fortran] Document FINDLOC 0 replies gcc - patches
[patch, doc, fortran] Document FINDLOC 1 reply gcc - patches
[patch, fortran, committed] Another fallout from clobbering INTENT(OUT) variables 1 reply gcc - patches
[patch, rfc] Clobber scalar intent(out) variables on entry 0 replies gcc - patches
[patch, fortran] Fix PR 86837, wrong code regression in implied do loop in i/o 0 replies gcc - patches
Re: [Patch, Fortran] PR 57160: short-circuit IF only with -ffrontend-optimize 2 replies gcc - fortran
Re: Async I/O patch with compilation fix 1 reply gcc - fortran
Re: Build fail on gthr-simple.h targets (Re: AsyncI/O patch committed) 0 replies gcc - fortran
Re: [PATCH][Fortran][v2] Use MIN/MAX_EXPR for min/max intrinsics 5 replies gcc - patches