[committed] Add nvidia as valid OpenMP context selector vendor

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[committed] Add nvidia as valid OpenMP context selector vendor

Jakub Jelinek

NVidia recently requested replacement of pgi with nvidia.  The following
patch just adds nvidia and keeps pgi, so that we don't warn on either of
those, at least for now.

Bootstrapped/regtested on x86_64-linux and i686-linux, committed to trunk.

2019-11-14  Jakub Jelinek  <[hidden email]>

        * c-omp.c (c_omp_check_context_selector): Add nvidia to the list of
        valid vendors.

        * c-c++-common/gomp/declare-variant-3.c: Add testcase for vendor nvidia.

--- gcc/c-family/c-omp.c.jj 2019-11-13 12:36:30.453265616 +0100
+++ gcc/c-family/c-omp.c 2019-11-13 14:02:13.895142143 +0100
@@ -2173,7 +2173,7 @@ c_omp_check_context_selector (location_t
  "host", "nohost", "cpu", "gpu", "fpga", "any", NULL };
       static const char *const vendor[] = {
  "amd", "arm", "bsc", "cray", "fujitsu", "gnu", "ibm", "intel",
- "llvm", "pgi", "ti", "unknown", NULL };
+ "llvm", "nvidia", "pgi", "ti", "unknown", NULL };
       static const char *const extension[] = { NULL };
       static const char *const atomic_default_mem_order[] = {
  "seq_cst", "relaxed", "acq_rel", NULL };
--- gcc/testsuite/c-c++-common/gomp/declare-variant-3.c.jj 2019-11-13 12:48:57.234919664 +0100
+++ gcc/testsuite/c-c++-common/gomp/declare-variant-3.c 2019-11-13 14:03:04.100379844 +0100
@@ -145,3 +145,5 @@ void f75 (void);
 void f76 (void);
 #pragma omp declare variant (f13) match (device={kind("any",any)})
 void f77 (void);
+#pragma omp declare variant (f13) match (implementation={vendor(nvidia)})
+void f78 (void);