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Wrong message for refs_may_alias_p


I want to check the alias for the argument of 'free' operation, and I use
gimple, gimple_stmt_iterator and gimple_call_arg  to get the argument.
> gimple *stmt = gsi_stmt (gsi);
> stmt = gsi_stmt (gsi);
> tree arg = gimple_call_arg (stmt, 0);

Then I put this argument into refs_may_alias_p (tree ref1, tree ref2), and
get the wrong message:
internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
0x11c11a8 crash_signal
0x1233d7c get_ref_base_and_extent(tree_node*, long*, long*, long*, bool*)
0x131be04 ao_ref_base(ao_ref*)
0x131f3c6 refs_may_alias_p_1(ao_ref*, ao_ref*, bool)
0x1c7ec35 search_table_alias(pointer_table*, tree_node*, bool)

How can I resolve this problem?