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UML - GCC program

Hello community,

I don't know the correct format for this email, so I'll give a summary
according to and wait for

"what you are working on"

I am creating a program to link the platform with a c++
compiled gcc output
to allow for:

1. auto-documentation and graphical diagrams (class, sequence, etc.)
2. alternatively create basic c++ code based on diagram creation

"give occasional reports of how far you have come"

I have begun planning!  I have my own personal Trello for now but I
will be expanding my over time.

"how confident you are that you will finish the job"

This is my senior project for my BS Software Engineering.  I'm hoping
to eventually commercialize.
Since it is a requirement to finish the project, minimal functionality
will be required.


Technical Feasibility.odt (135K) Download Attachment