Results for 4.1.0 20050927 (experimental) testsuite on powerpc64-suse-linux-gnu

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Results for 4.1.0 20050927 (experimental) testsuite on powerpc64-suse-linux-gnu

Andreas Schwab
LAST_UPDATED: Tue Sep 27 08:04:21 UTC 2005

                === acats tests ===
FAIL: a26007a
FAIL: a85013b
FAIL: a87b59a
FAIL: a95001c
FAIL: a95074d
FAIL: a99006a
FAIL: aa2010a
FAIL: ac3207a
FAIL: ad7201a
FAIL: ad7203b
FAIL: ad7205b
FAIL: ad8011a
FAIL: ae2113a
FAIL: ae2113b
FAIL: c23003a
FAIL: c23003b
FAIL: c23003g
FAIL: c23003i
FAIL: c250002
FAIL: c32001e
FAIL: c34005a
FAIL: c34005c
FAIL: c34005d
FAIL: c34005j
FAIL: c34005m
FAIL: c34006j
FAIL: c34007j
FAIL: c34007p
FAIL: c34007r
FAIL: c34008a
FAIL: c34009j
FAIL: c35102a
FAIL: c35502d
FAIL: c35502f
FAIL: c35503d
FAIL: c35503f
FAIL: c36204c
FAIL: c37213d
FAIL: c37213h
FAIL: c37213k
FAIL: c37215h
FAIL: c37402a
FAIL: c37403a
FAIL: c38102d
FAIL: c38202a
FAIL: c390003
FAIL: c39008a
FAIL: c39008b
FAIL: c39008c
FAIL: c41301a
FAIL: c41306a
FAIL: c41306b
FAIL: c41306c
FAIL: c41307d
FAIL: c41401a
FAIL: c43103b
FAIL: c43204g
FAIL: c43205k
FAIL: c43214f
FAIL: c45231d
FAIL: c45264b
FAIL: c45282b
FAIL: c45291a
FAIL: c45651a
FAIL: c45672a
FAIL: c46051a
FAIL: c4a007a
FAIL: c51004a
FAIL: c52103x
FAIL: c52104x
FAIL: c52104y
FAIL: c59002c
FAIL: c61010a
FAIL: c64105b
FAIL: c64201b
FAIL: c64201c
FAIL: c650001
FAIL: c731001
FAIL: c74004a
FAIL: c74401k
FAIL: c74406a
FAIL: c761001
FAIL: c761007
FAIL: c761010
FAIL: c83023a
FAIL: c85004b
FAIL: c85005a
FAIL: c85005b
FAIL: c85005c
FAIL: c85005d
FAIL: c85005e
FAIL: c85006a
FAIL: c85006b
FAIL: c85006c
FAIL: c85006d
FAIL: c85006e
FAIL: c85014a
FAIL: c85014b
FAIL: c85014c
FAIL: c85018a
FAIL: c85018b
FAIL: c87b26b
FAIL: c87b45c
FAIL: c87b54a
FAIL: c87b62d
FAIL: c910001
FAIL: c910002
FAIL: c910003
FAIL: c91004b
FAIL: c91004c
FAIL: c91006a
FAIL: c91007a
FAIL: c92002a
FAIL: c92003a
FAIL: c92005a
FAIL: c92005b
FAIL: c92006a
FAIL: c930001
FAIL: c93001a
FAIL: c93002a
FAIL: c93003a
FAIL: c93004a
FAIL: c93004b
FAIL: c93004c
FAIL: c93004d
FAIL: c93004f
FAIL: c93005a
FAIL: c93005b
FAIL: c93005c
FAIL: c93005d
FAIL: c93005e
FAIL: c93005f
FAIL: c93005g
FAIL: c93005h
FAIL: c93006a
FAIL: c93007a
FAIL: c93008a
FAIL: c93008b
FAIL: c940001
FAIL: c940002
FAIL: c940004
FAIL: c940005
FAIL: c940007
FAIL: c940013
FAIL: c940014
FAIL: c940016
FAIL: c94001a
FAIL: c94001b
FAIL: c94001c
FAIL: c94001e
FAIL: c94001f
FAIL: c94001g
FAIL: c94002a
FAIL: c94002b
FAIL: c94002d
FAIL: c94002e
FAIL: c94002f
FAIL: c94002g
FAIL: c94004a
FAIL: c94004b
FAIL: c94004c
FAIL: c94005a
FAIL: c94005b
FAIL: c94006a
FAIL: c94007a
FAIL: c94007b
FAIL: c94008a
FAIL: c94008b
FAIL: c94008c
FAIL: c94008d
FAIL: c94010a
FAIL: c94011a
FAIL: c94020a
FAIL: c940a03
FAIL: c95008a
FAIL: c95009a
FAIL: c95010a
FAIL: c95011a
FAIL: c95012a
FAIL: c95021a
FAIL: c95022a
FAIL: c95022b
FAIL: c95033a
FAIL: c95033b
FAIL: c95034a
FAIL: c95034b
FAIL: c95035a
FAIL: c95040a
FAIL: c95040b
FAIL: c95040c
FAIL: c95040d
FAIL: c95041a
FAIL: c95065a
FAIL: c95065b
FAIL: c95065c
FAIL: c95065d
FAIL: c95065e
FAIL: c95065f
FAIL: c95066a
FAIL: c95067a
FAIL: c95071a
FAIL: c95072a
FAIL: c95072b
FAIL: c95073a
FAIL: c95074c
FAIL: c95076a
FAIL: c95078a
FAIL: c95080b
FAIL: c95082g
FAIL: c95085c
FAIL: c95085d
FAIL: c95085e
FAIL: c95085f
FAIL: c95085g
FAIL: c95085h
FAIL: c95085i
FAIL: c95085j
FAIL: c95085k
FAIL: c95085l
FAIL: c95085m
FAIL: c95085n
FAIL: c95085o
FAIL: c95086b
FAIL: c95086c
FAIL: c95086d
FAIL: c95086e
FAIL: c95086f
FAIL: c95087a
FAIL: c95087b
FAIL: c95087c
FAIL: c95087d
FAIL: c95088a
FAIL: c95089a
FAIL: c95090a
FAIL: c95092a
FAIL: c95093a
FAIL: c95095a
FAIL: c95095b
FAIL: c95095c
FAIL: c95095d
FAIL: c95095e
FAIL: c951001
FAIL: c951002
FAIL: c953001
FAIL: c953002
FAIL: c953003
FAIL: c954001
FAIL: c954010
FAIL: c954011
FAIL: c954012
FAIL: c954013
FAIL: c954014
FAIL: c954015
FAIL: c954016
FAIL: c954017
FAIL: c954018
FAIL: c954019
FAIL: c954020
FAIL: c954021
FAIL: c954022
FAIL: c954023
FAIL: c954024
FAIL: c954025
FAIL: c954026
FAIL: c954a01
FAIL: c954a02
FAIL: c954a03
FAIL: c960001
FAIL: c960002
FAIL: c960004
FAIL: c96005b
FAIL: c97112a
FAIL: c97113a
FAIL: c97114a
FAIL: c97115a
FAIL: c97116a
FAIL: c97117a
FAIL: c97117b
FAIL: c97117c
FAIL: c97118a
FAIL: c97120a
FAIL: c97120b
FAIL: c97201a
FAIL: c97201b
FAIL: c97201c
FAIL: c97201d
FAIL: c97201e
FAIL: c97201g
FAIL: c97201h
FAIL: c97201x
FAIL: c97202a
FAIL: c97203a
FAIL: c97203b
FAIL: c97203c
FAIL: c97204a
FAIL: c97204b
FAIL: c97205a
FAIL: c97205b
FAIL: c97301a
FAIL: c97301b
FAIL: c97301c
FAIL: c97301d
FAIL: c97301e
FAIL: c97302a
FAIL: c97303a
FAIL: c97303b
FAIL: c97303c
FAIL: c97304a
FAIL: c97304b
FAIL: c97305a
FAIL: c97305b
FAIL: c97305c
FAIL: c97305d
FAIL: c97307a
FAIL: c974001
FAIL: c974002
FAIL: c974003
FAIL: c974004
FAIL: c974005
FAIL: c974008
FAIL: c974009
FAIL: c974010
FAIL: c974011
FAIL: c974013
FAIL: c99004a
FAIL: c99005a
FAIL: c9a003a
FAIL: c9a004a
FAIL: c9a007a
FAIL: c9a009a
FAIL: c9a009c
FAIL: c9a009f
FAIL: c9a009g
FAIL: c9a009h
FAIL: c9a010a
FAIL: c9a011a
FAIL: c9a011b
FAIL: ca11c01
FAIL: ca5004a
FAIL: cb1010a
FAIL: cb20001
FAIL: cb4013a
FAIL: cb5001a
FAIL: cb5001b
FAIL: cb5002a
FAIL: cc1104c
FAIL: cc1207b
FAIL: cc1224a
FAIL: cc1225a
FAIL: cc1310a
FAIL: cc3106b
FAIL: cc3120b
FAIL: cc3121a
FAIL: cc3207b
FAIL: cc3225a
FAIL: cc3601a
FAIL: cc3601c
FAIL: cc3602a
FAIL: cc50a01
FAIL: cc50a02
FAIL: cd10001
FAIL: cd10002
FAIL: cd1009k
FAIL: cd1009t
FAIL: cd1009u
FAIL: cd1c03e
FAIL: cd1c06a
FAIL: cd2a83c
FAIL: cd2a91c
FAIL: cd2c11a
FAIL: cd2c11d
FAIL: cd30001
FAIL: cd4041a
FAIL: cd5003a
FAIL: cd5003b
FAIL: cd5003c
FAIL: cd5003d
FAIL: cd5003e
FAIL: cd5003f
FAIL: cd5003g
FAIL: cd5003h
FAIL: cd5003i
FAIL: cd5011a
FAIL: cd5011c
FAIL: cd5011e
FAIL: cd5011g
FAIL: cd5011i
FAIL: cd5011k
FAIL: cd5011m
FAIL: cd5011q
FAIL: cd5011s
FAIL: cd5012a
FAIL: cd5012b
FAIL: cd5012e
FAIL: cd5012f
FAIL: cd5012i
FAIL: cd5012m
FAIL: cd5013a
FAIL: cd5013c
FAIL: cd5013e
FAIL: cd5013g
FAIL: cd5013i
FAIL: cd5013k
FAIL: cd5013m
FAIL: cd5013o
FAIL: cd5014a
FAIL: cd5014c
FAIL: cd5014e
FAIL: cd5014g
FAIL: cd5014i
FAIL: cd5014k
FAIL: cd5014m
FAIL: cd5014o
FAIL: cd5014t
FAIL: cd5014v
FAIL: cd5014x
FAIL: cd5014y
FAIL: cd5014z
FAIL: cd7101g
FAIL: cd72a02
FAIL: ce2102c
FAIL: ce2102d
FAIL: ce2102e
FAIL: ce2102f
FAIL: ce2102g
FAIL: ce2102h
FAIL: ce2102i
FAIL: ce2102j
FAIL: ce2102n
FAIL: ce2102o
FAIL: ce2102p
FAIL: ce2102q
FAIL: ce2102r
FAIL: ce2102s
FAIL: ce2102t
FAIL: ce2102u
FAIL: ce2102v
FAIL: ce2102w
FAIL: ce2102x
FAIL: ce2102y
FAIL: ce2103a
FAIL: ce2103b
FAIL: ce2103c
FAIL: ce2103d
FAIL: ce2104a
FAIL: ce2104b
FAIL: ce2104c
FAIL: ce2104d
FAIL: ce2108e
FAIL: ce2108f
FAIL: ce2108g
FAIL: ce2108h
FAIL: ce2109a
FAIL: ce2109b
FAIL: ce2110a
FAIL: ce2110c
FAIL: ce2111a
FAIL: ce2111b
FAIL: ce2111c
FAIL: ce2111e
FAIL: ce2111f
FAIL: ce2111g
FAIL: ce2111i
FAIL: ce2201a
FAIL: ce2201b
FAIL: ce2201c
FAIL: ce2201d
FAIL: ce2201e
FAIL: ce2201f
FAIL: ce2201g
FAIL: ce2201h
FAIL: ce2201i
FAIL: ce2201j
FAIL: ce2201k
FAIL: ce2201l
FAIL: ce2201m
FAIL: ce2201n
FAIL: ce2202a
FAIL: ce2203a
FAIL: ce2204a
FAIL: ce2204b
FAIL: ce2204c
FAIL: ce2204d
FAIL: ce2205a
FAIL: ce2206a
FAIL: ce2208b
FAIL: ce2401a
FAIL: ce2401b
FAIL: ce2401c
FAIL: ce2401e
FAIL: ce2401f
FAIL: ce2401h
FAIL: ce2401i
FAIL: ce2401j
FAIL: ce2401k
FAIL: ce2401l
FAIL: ce2403a
FAIL: ce2404a
FAIL: ce2404b
FAIL: ce2405b
FAIL: ce2406a
FAIL: ce2407a
FAIL: ce2407b
FAIL: ce2408a
FAIL: ce2408b
FAIL: ce2409a
FAIL: ce2409b
FAIL: ce2410a
FAIL: ce2410b
FAIL: ce2411a
FAIL: ce3002b
FAIL: ce3002c
FAIL: ce3102b
FAIL: ce3107a
FAIL: ce3304a
FAIL: cxa4006
FAIL: cxa4019
FAIL: cxa4028
FAIL: cxa4029
FAIL: cxa8001
FAIL: cxa8002
FAIL: cxa8003
FAIL: cxa9001
FAIL: cxa9002
FAIL: cxaa001
FAIL: cxaa017
FAIL: cxac005
FAIL: cxaca01
FAIL: cxh1001
FAIL: cxh3001
FAIL: cxh3002
FAIL: cxh3003
FAIL: la14027

                === acats Summary ===
# of expected passes 1783
# of unexpected failures 533
Native configuration is powerpc64-suse-linux-gnu

                === g++ tests ===

Running target unix

                === g++ Summary ===

# of expected passes 11421
# of expected failures 66
# of unsupported tests 85
/tmp/cvs/gcc-20050927/Build/gcc/testsuite/../g++  version 4.1.0 20050927 (experimental)

                === gcc tests ===

Running target unix
FAIL: gcc.dg/cleanup-10.c execution test
FAIL: gcc.dg/cleanup-11.c execution test
FAIL: gcc.dg/cleanup-8.c execution test
FAIL: gcc.dg/cleanup-9.c execution test
FAIL: gcc.dg/vect/pr20122.c scan-tree-dump-times vectorized 1 loops 2

                === gcc Summary ===

# of expected passes 38107
# of unexpected failures 5
# of expected failures 95
# of untested testcases 28
# of unsupported tests 476
/tmp/cvs/gcc-20050927/Build/gcc/xgcc  version 4.1.0 20050927 (experimental)

                === gfortran tests ===

Running target unix

                === gfortran Summary ===

# of expected passes 9473
# of expected failures 4
# of unsupported tests 34
/tmp/cvs/gcc-20050927/Build/gcc/testsuite/../gfortran  version 4.1.0 20050927 (experimental)

                === objc tests ===

Running target unix

                === objc Summary ===

# of expected passes 1672
# of unsupported tests 22
/tmp/cvs/gcc-20050927/Build/gcc/xgcc  version 4.1.0 20050927 (experimental)

                === libffi tests ===

Running target unix

                === libffi Summary ===

# of expected passes 228
# of unsupported tests 2
                === libjava tests ===

Running target unix

                === libjava Summary ===

# of expected passes 3968
# of expected failures 10
# of untested testcases 8
                === libmudflap tests ===

Running target unix

                === libmudflap Summary ===

# of expected passes 1789
                === libstdc++ tests ===

Running target unix
FAIL: abi_check
FAIL: 23_containers/set/explicit_instantiation/ (test for excess errors)
FAIL: 23_containers/set/explicit_instantiation/ (test for excess errors)
XPASS: 26_numerics/cmath/ (test for excess errors)
XPASS: ext/array_allocator/ execution test

                === libstdc++ Summary ===

# of expected passes 3929
# of unexpected failures 3
# of unexpected successes 2
# of expected failures 15

Compiler version: 4.1.0 20050927 (experimental)
Platform: powerpc64-suse-linux-gnu
configure flags: --prefix=/usr --host=powerpc64-suse-linux --enable-shared --enable-threads --enable-__cxa_atexit --with-system-zlib --with-cpu=default32 --enable-languages=c,ada,c++,fortran,java,objc