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Re: [PATCH] PR fortran/92178 -- Re-order argument deallocation

Tobias Burnus-3
On 10/23/19 8:12 PM, Steve Kargl wrote:
> * trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_procedure_call): Evaluate args and then
> deallocate actual args assocated with intent(out) dummies.

I think the patch by itself looks fine to me – except that the
saw_dealloc is not needed. You can either check "if (dealloc_blk->head)"
or you can use gfc_add_block_to_block unconditionally as it handles

However, the following test case shows that expressions which can be
transferred into a tree (se->expr) without needing more evaluations and
a temporary (i.e. evaluating things in se->pre) do not work. – The
allocated(a) check is really artificial, however, the test() call looks
as if it might appear in the real world. First the dump:

     foo ((integer(kind=4)[0:] * restrict) != 0B,
(integer(kind=4)) MAX_EXPR <(D.3958->dim[0].ubound -
D.3958->dim[0].lbound) + 1, 0>, test ((integer(kind=4)[0:] * restrict), &a);

And then the test case:

implicit none (type, external)
integer, allocatable :: a(:)
a = [1, 2]
call foo(allocated(a), size(a), test(a), a)
subroutine foo(alloc, sz, tst, x)
   logical, value :: alloc, tst
   integer, value :: sz
   integer, allocatable, intent(out) :: x(:)
   if (allocated(x)) stop 1
   if (.not.alloc) stop 2
   if (sz /= 2) stop 3
   if (.not. tst) stop 4
end subroutine foo
logical function test(zz)
   integer :: zz(2)
   test = zz(2) == 2
end function test

Hence, I wonder whether one needs to do (pseudo code):

if (any dummy argument is allocatable + intent-out)
   force_func_eval = true
if (actual is an expression + force_func_eval)
   parmse->expr =  gfc_evaluate_now (parmse->expr, &parmse)

Such that one uses a temporary variable for those, but keeps the status quo for the rest.

> Note, in gfc_conv_procedure_call() there are 3 blocks of
> code that deal with the deallocation of actual arguments
> assocated with intent(out) dummy arguments.  The patch
> affects the first and third blocks.  The 2nd block, lines
> 6071-6111, concerns CLASS and finalization.  I use neither,
> so have no idea what Fortran requires.  More importantly,
> I have very little understanding of gfortran's internal
> implementation for CLASS and finalization.  Someone who
> cares about CLASS and finalization will need to consider
> how to possibly fix a possible issue.
I wonder how to test for it. I tried to create a test case
(pr92178-3.f90) but as it turns out, the deallocation happens (via
zz->_vptr->_final) directly in the called function and not in the callee.

For this one, I was playing with the attached patch – but if one cannot
trigger it, it might not be needed.

I have also created another test case pr92178-2.f90 which essentially
does what pr92178.f90 already did (nearly same code path, covered by
your patch).

The question is how to proceed from here.


pr92178-3.f90 (1K) Download Attachment
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