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Thomas Koenig-6
Hi Yusuke,

> I'd like to participate in Google Summer of Code 2020 at GCC.
> In particular, I'm interested in the idea: "Fortran – run-time argument checking.".
> It seems that there are still many projects written in Fortran, thus improving Fortran itself
> is worthwhile for those who do high performance computing using Fortran.

I agree :-) and thanks for volunteering to do this!

> Would you tell me more information about the project?

Fortran has aliasing rules which allow for much better optimization
than C; for example, it is not allowed to pass the same actual
argument to several dummy arguments and change one of
them.  The programmer has to follow these rules, or undefined
behavior can occur.

This is not, in the general case, detectable by compile-time checking
(although we could also do a better job there), but a run-time checking
could definitely help. There is
for this.

There is a dedicated mailing list for gfortran, which I've CC'd and where
the details can be discussed. Tobias Burnus has volunteered to mentor
this project, but questions and discussions can also be directed at
the mailing list.

To get some insight into what gfortran does under the hood, there is a
very short
introduction at

Looking forward to hearing from you!