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Hi java-patches,
How are you along with your business?  I hope everything is fine with you.

This is Caime from CNM Group Limited. Regarding your esteemed corporation, I am writing to see if there is any chance for us to cooperate for mutual benefits. CNM Group Limited specializes in Plastic Injection mould/ molding, such as double-color-mould and over mould etc. Meanwhile, we offer Die Casting moulds & castings, mainly Aluminum Die Casting & Zinc Die Casting.

We also have own injection room that can provide you one-stop service.
Our principle:  Creates value, pursues excellence.
Our     aim:  High quality; quick speed, low price.
Our   vision:  The same products, but cheaper price;
              The same price, but better quality;
              The same quality, but better service.

Should you want more about us, please feel free to contact us.
It will be a great pleasure to receive your inquiries. We’ll send you our best quotation in 24 hours.
Acceptable formats for free quotation: DXF, DWG, PRT, SAT, IGES, STE
My Email: Please try to reply to this email directly.

I look forward to see your reply!
Yours truely.