[Patch][committed] PR 92208 + PR 92277 – GCC 9 follow-up fix

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[Patch][committed] PR 92208 + PR 92277 – GCC 9 follow-up fix

Tobias Burnus
For trunk, I needed the DECL_ARTIFICIAL fix, cf. Rev. 277661 of PR92277,
i.e. https://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2019-10/msg02148.html

When back-porting some patches, I did not include this part – only its
test case – as I couldn't trigger the ICE. Well, as the comments in PR
92208 show, the issue is also latent on GCC 9, but it only triggers on
arm and aarch64.

Hence, I have now applied also the code change from PR 92277.

Committed as Rev. 277840.



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