[Patch][Fortran] OpenACC – libgomp/testsuite – use 'stop' and 'dg-do run'

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[Patch][Fortran] OpenACC – libgomp/testsuite – use 'stop' and 'dg-do run'

Tobias Burnus-3
This patch is for libgomp/testsuite/libgomp.oacc-fortran/ and does two

* It changes 'call abort' to 'stop 1' (etc.) to make Bernhard R.-F.
happy as it is then doesn't use a vendor extension.

[Note: I kept the abort call in abort-{1,2,}.f90. [NB: stop*.f also
exists.] And: 'call abort()' calls the libc's 'abort()' function while
'stop' prints 'STOP ' and the number to stderr and uses the number as
exit() code. (On some systems like Windows, certain exit codes still
imply aborting.)]

* It adds '{ dg-do run }'. While the default in this directory to _run_
the program, the explicit 'dg-do run' turns it into a torture test.

Quoting ./fortran.exp: "For Fortran we're doing torture testing, as
Fortran has far more tests with arrays etc. that testing just -O0 or -O2
is insufficient, that is typically not the case for C/C++."

Regtested on x86-64-gnu-linux without failures.
I intent to commit it as obvious in the next days, but I am happy to get
an explicit approvals – or to get some comments.



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