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Parallel GCC Testing

Nicholas Krause

I've one of the students who is working on the project. I'm just posting to

continue the discussion on C++11 migration for async and memory model

support alongside other features people want. In addition the secondary

part of this email is that the other student mentioned at Cauldron testing

lots of packages would be a issue, and seems not due tothe Yocto Project:

The projects build software packages at a singular level as bitbake

and therefore I'm suggesting comments on if linking a custom toolchain

to it for testing would be a good idea. We are no where near this but

it would be nice to get some comments on using it for building other

software/testing it.

I've also in the process of trying to figure out what queueing strategy
for RTL

and GIMPLE scales best as we may be able to get pass ideal scaling at
four threads

with better threading queueing of the passes.

Any comments or questions are welcome,