[PATCH] Improve handling of pool_options::largest_required_pool_block

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[PATCH] Improve handling of pool_options::largest_required_pool_block

Jonathan Wakely-3
Make the munge_options function round the largest_required_pool_block
value to a multiple of the smallest pool size (currently 8 bytes) to
avoid pools with odd sizes.

Ensure there is a pool large enough for blocks of the requested size.
Previously when largest_required_pool_block was exactly equal to one of
the pool_sizes[] values there would be no pool of that size. This patch
increases _M_npools by one, so there is a pool at least as large as the
requested value. It also reduces the size of the largest pool to be no
larger than needed.

        * src/c++17/memory_resource.cc (munge_options): Round up value of
        largest_required_pool_block to multiple of smallest pool size. Round
        excessively large values down to largest pool size.
        (select_num_pools): Increase number of pools by one unless it exactly
        matches requested largest_required_pool_block.
        (__pool_resource::_M_alloc_pools()): Make largest pool size equal
        * testsuite/20_util/unsynchronized_pool_resource/options.cc: Check
        that pool_options::largest_required_pool_block is set appropriately.

Tested x86_64-linux, committed to trunk.

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