[PATCH] Fix testsuite failures in Debug Mode

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[PATCH] Fix testsuite failures in Debug Mode

Jonathan Wakely-3
This fixes the following testsuite failures on ia32 when compiled with

FAIL: 23_containers/map/modifiers/erase/dr130-linkage-check.cc
FAIL: 23_containers/multimap/modifiers/erase/dr130-linkage-check.cc
FAIL: 23_containers/multiset/modifiers/erase/dr130-linkage-check.cc
FAIL: 23_containers/set/modifiers/erase/dr130-linkage-check.cc

The normal mode containers already use the abi-tag to mangle these
overloads differently, but the debug mode versions weren't fixed.

        * include/debug/map.h (map::erase(iterator)): Add abi-tag so that
        C++11 version mangles differently from incompatible C++98 version.
        * include/debug/multimap.h (multimap::erase(iterator)): Likewise.
        * include/debug/multiset.h (multiset::erase(iterator))
        (multiset::erase(const_iterator, const_iterator)): Likewise.
        * include/debug/set.h (set::erase(iterator))
        (multiset::erase(const_iterator, const_iterator)): Likewise.

Tested x86_64-linux (with -m32) and committed to trunk.

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