Option to set the debug map (DW_AT_comp_dir) value "from scratch"

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Option to set the debug map (DW_AT_comp_dir) value "from scratch"

Luca Palano
Hi everyone,

Recently I used the following debugger option: -fdebug-prefix-map=old=new
in order to set the DW_AT_comp_dir, in the target executable, according to
my needs.

In order to do this, first of all, I needed to know the DW_AT_comp_dir
value set in the executable after an initial build. So, I was forced to use
the "objdump" command in order to fetch it (e.g.: /path/to/replace). With
this value I was able to populate the option values accordingly:

I'm curious if there is a property like the following e.g.:
-fdebug-map=/new/path/to/set to set the DW_AT_comp_dir path, directly, from
scratch, without the need to look for the value to replace before.