Joseph Myers joins GCC Steering Committee

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Joseph Myers joins GCC Steering Committee

David Edelsohn-2-2
        On behalf of the entire GCC Steering Committee, it gives me
great pleasure to welcome Joseph Myers as the newest member of the
GCC Steering Committee. We hope that everyone will join us to wish him
all of the support and wisdom for this new challenge.

        We are grateful for the continued excellent guidance of Jakub
Jelinek, Richard Biener and Joseph Myers as co-Release Managers. And
we thank Mark Mitchell for his years of dedication, guidance, leadership
and service, and wish him great success with his future endeavors.

        We wish everyone Happy Holidays and a prosperous new year!

The GCC Steering Commitee

David Edelsohn
Kaveh Ghazi
Jeffrey Law
Marc Lehmann
Jason Merrill
David Miller
Toon Moene
Joseph Myers
Gerald Pfeifer
Joel Sherrill
Jim Wilson