[GCC 4.0.2] syntax error with the operand 'asm'

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[GCC 4.0.2] syntax error with the operand 'asm'


I use GCC 4.0.2 as a cross compiler(target:powerpc), and I have errors when I compile a simple c file witch contain the operand 'asm' used like that :

extern void __reset(void);

#pragma section code_type ".reset"

#pragma force_active on
__declspec(section ".reset")

asm void reset(void);

asm void reset(void)
b __reset
#pragma force_active reset

command line to compile: $ /gnutools/bin/powerpc-elf-eabi-gcc -c ../reset.c

the result of the compilation is :

../reset.c:6: error: syntax error before string co
../reset.c:10: error: syntax error before 'void'

are there any options to use GCC 4.0.2 ? I had not got this erreur with GCC 3.4.0!

Thanks in advance