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Fwd: Joint statement on the GNU Project

Jeff Law

Some of you may be aware of the recently released joint statement on the
GNU project.  Like Carlos, I have signed that joint statement as an

I would encourage all contributors to read the statement and, if you
want to sign the statement or have questions, please contact Carlos
off-list ([hidden email]).

Also like Carlos, I would suggest further discussions elsewhere.

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Joint statement on the GNU Project
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2019 17:45:09 -0400
From: Carlos O'Donell <[hidden email]>
To: libc-alpha <[hidden email]>, Joseph Myers
<[hidden email]>, Ryan S. Arnold <[hidden email]>, Mark
Brown <[hidden email]>, Paul Eggert <[hidden email]>, Jakub
Jelinek <[hidden email]>, Maxim Kuvyrkov <[hidden email]>,
Alexandre Oliva <[hidden email]>, Andreas Schwab <[hidden email]>


Given that this pertains to glibc and development as a component of
the GNU Project, I wanted to inform the community that I have signed
the following statement as a GNU Maintainer:


I encourage others to sign it also. If you have any questions, or would
like your name added to the list please reach out to me

I suggest that we avoid discussing this on libc-alpha and instead
take to social media or other mailing lists and discuss it there.

Alternatively you can take the discussion to the private mailing
list run by the GNU Project for such discussions.