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Thomas Koenig-6

FYI, for those wo don't read the gcc mailing list.

We are quite close to GCC 9 release, so I think we should take even
more care than usual not to introduce regressions :-)



-------- Weitergeleitete Nachricht --------

Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2019 13:26:40 +0100 (CET)
From: Richard Biener <[hidden email]>
To: [hidden email]
Subject: GCC 9 Status Report (2019-03-29)


We should be at the end of the stabilization phase (Stage 4) having
made some good progress in the long march towards zero P1 regressions.
Please have a look at those that you assigned yourself to.

There's still 12 P1 left at the moment though at some point bugs
not severe (wrong-code, rejects-valid) might be downgraded and
defered for fixing in a subsequent release.  We would like to follow
the historical precedent of releasing at the end of April or the
beginning of May and not slip further.

As usual this is a good time to test your non-{primary,secondary}
target making sure it builds and works correctly.

Quality Data

Priority          #   Change from last report
--------        ---   -----------------------
P1               12   -  12
P2              158   -  27
P3               25   -   7
P4 138   -  31
P5 24
--------        ---   -----------------------
Total P1-P3     195   -  46
Total 357   -  77

Previous Report