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Fwd: Commit messages and the move to git

Janne Blomqvist-3

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From: Richard Earnshaw (lists) <[hidden email]>
Date: Mon, Nov 4, 2019 at 12:29 PM
Subject: Commit messages and the move to git
To: GCC Development <[hidden email]>

With the move to git fairly imminent now it would be nice if we could
agree on a more git-friendly style of commit messages; and, ideally,
start using them now so that the converted repository can benefit from this.

Some tools, particularly gitk or git log --oneline, can use one-line
summaries from a commit's log message when listing commits.  It would be
nice if we could start adopting a style that is compatible with this, so
that in future commits are summarized in a useful way.  Unfortunately,
some of our existing commits show no useful information with tools like


git log --oneline
2b70dbd64b5 (HEAD -> master, origin/trunk, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
2019-11-01  Kewen Lin  <[hidden email]>
29f4f5f13b9 [C++ PATCH] cleanup check_field_decls
0f931fb75ae 2019-11-01  Kewen Lin  <[hidden email]>
e9c4da22199 OpenMP] use_device_addr/use_device_ptr with Fortran
allocatable/pointer arrays
377311a90fa 2019-11-01  Kewen Lin  <[hidden email]>
cc286dd8517 Daily bump.
8e87e30df8d Regenerate libstdc++ HTML docs
fad04d507e0 Add remaining changes from P1065R2 "constexpr INVOKE"
d5e4b5a17de Partial implementation of C++20 of <ranges> header
345d712f776 Test --help=common for full sentences
a737cc23c15     PR preprocessor/92296   * internal.h (struct
def_pragma_macro): Add is_builtin bitfield.
(_cpp_restore_special_builtin): Declare.        * init.c
(_cpp_restore_special_builtin): New function.  * directives.c
(do_pragma_push_macro): For NT_BUILTIN_MACRO     set is_builtin and
don't try to grab definition.        (cpp_pop_definition): Use
_cpp_restore_special_builtin to restore       builtin macros.
e9c843f92f6 2019-10-31  Jozef Lawrynowicz  <[hidden email]>
d7069e154ee [AArch64] Fix g++.target/aarch64/sve/vcond_1_run.C
ae5f034c085 [AArch64] Split gcc.target/aarch64/sve/vcond_4*

As you can see, some of these are useful and give a good summary of the
patch, others only tell me who committed the patch, which is less than
useful.  In other cases almost the entire ChangeLog entry gets printed
because there is no blank line to tell git where the end of the summary

The normal convention in git is that the one line summary is essentially
the subject line of the email message that describes the patch and is
then followed by a blank line before the body of the commit message.


Janne Blomqvist