Fortran runtime error in formatted output

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Fortran runtime error in formatted output

Christopher S. Talley
In a legacy code, I get a runtime error as follows with GFORTRAN-8.3.0 (and earlier) for a formatted output that runs ok with Intel 2019 compiler.

I’m not familiar with a format containing ‘,,,’, any clue as to what it means?

At line 70 of file formatted_io.for (unit = 6, file = 'stdout')
Fortran runtime error: Unexpected element ',' in format
(E12.6,  12(     10(' ' E12.6)),2(' ' E12.6),,,(','i6)  )

Error termination. Backtrace:
#0  0xf7f5a058 in data_transfer_init
at ../../../../gcc-8.3.0/libgfortran/io/transfer.c:2842
#1  0x8049198 in ???
#2  0x8049546 in ???
#3  0xf7ab9636 in ???
#4  0x80485f0 in ???