Effective Listening Skills for HRs and Managers

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Effective Listening Skills for HRs and Managers

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Effective Listening: Key Skills for Managers and HR Professionals

Date: Friday, 18 October 2019 |
 Time:  10:00 AM PDT , 01:00 PM EDT

 People with good interpersonal skills demonstrate efficiency in communicating with others, which pertains to efficient speaking and listening skills, and have a positive attitude that can influence others positively. Regardless of how well you perform the other aspects of your supervisory or HR position, employees aren't likely to see you as effective if they don't believe that you really listen to their concerns and needs. The good news is that effective listening is a communication skill that anyone can learn and improve with training and practice. Join this webinar to develop essential listening skill which is must if you are a manager, HR professional or a leader. Listening and understanding the needs and ideas of your co-workers could help you greatly to become more

Read more... Key Learning Objectives
        - Key reasons for poor listening skills & habits
        - How the listening process works, step-by-step
        - 4 types of listening that managers/leaders must master
        - Practical strategies to improve listening skills
        - 10 general guidelines for effective listening
Speaker: Randall Olson is a founding partner of MTI Business Solutions.He has more than 25 years of experience in adult, corporate and continuing education. He is an Everything DiSC certified trainer.


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