[Committed] PR fortran/92174

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[Committed] PR fortran/92174

Steve Kargl
Committed as not so-obvious as I don't use UBSAN when fixing bugs.
The patch pushes the F2018:C822 check down a layer to prevent a segfault
when UBSAN is used.

2019-10-22  Steven G. Kargl  <[hidden email]>

 PR fortran/92174
 * decl.c (attr_decl1): Move check for F2018:C822 from here ...
 * array.c (gfc_set_array_spec): ... to here.


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[PATCH] Fix another UBSAN in Fortran coarray.

Martin Liška-2

There are 2 more places that need to be handled similarly
to not do out of bounds access.

Patch can bootstrap on x86_64-linux-gnu and survives regression tests.

Ready to be installed?

0001-Fix-another-UBSAN-in-Fortran-coarray.patch (1K) Download Attachment