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Committed Fortran test case for PR

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I just committed a test case for PR 94091 as obvious.
I had to fight git tooth and nail to do this.

I'm sure that git does wonderful things for you when you
have a mental picture in your mind of what is actually
going on For people who don't, it is a catastrophe, and
this includes most of the current gfortran maintainers.

(I was going to write up what I did to commit this patch,
but being surprised by error messages and then trying to
get around them does not really make for a good recipe...)



2020-04-12  Thomas Koenig  <[hidden email]>

         PR fortran/94091
         * gfortran.dg/char_length_22.f90: New test.

char_length_22.f90 (316 bytes) Download Attachment