A wide variety of PCB is provided

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A wide variety of PCB is provided

Shenzhen ZDCL Trade Co. , Ltd.

We are a UL/ISO/TS16949 certified High-tech PCB manufacturer in China.

We offering prototype and mass production for all customers.

If need a reference quote, please kindly let me know. Thanks.

Our service covering below.

FR4, High Tg170, Rogers material,

1-36 layers, 0.4-5.0mm board thickness, 0.5-8oz copper,

4/4mil track width/spacing, 0.2mm hole size, buried/blind vias,

Immersion silver/tin/gold, HAL RoHS, OSP, plated gold finger,

IPC-II/III quality standard, UL/ISO/TS16949 certified.

48hour fast turn prototype service,

laser solder paste stencil.vv

Best regards,


Company name:Shenzhen ZDCL Trade Co., Ltd.

Mail:[hidden email]